Meet your Bedfordview Chiropractor

Dr Charmaine Young is the founder of Better Backs and has been a Chiropractor in Bedfordview since 2008. This is her story:

“From a young age, I always found fulfillment and happiness in helping others. I never thought I would ever become a doctor and live out my dream of helping others in need.  

My passion of being a Chiropractor started when I was young and my brother was diagnosed with a slipped disc. He was just 12 years old at the time and was facing surgery for his symptoms. Thankfully, we met a Chiropractor and he changed my brother’s life in just 3 weeks. From being incapacitated with pain, my brother was running, playing sport and being what all boys should be doing at his age… being a child. This is what motivated me to study Chiropractic and I have not looked back since.

I was once asked “What is it like to be a Chiropractor in Bedfordview?”  My answer was  “I love my job!” People in Bedfordview are always willing to learn more about changing their lifestyle for better health. Although I work as a Chiropractor, I like to extend my knowledge to beyond just treating headaches or back pain. Each person is unique and different… even identical twins are different. This means that treatment has to have a holistic approach and should be individualised to treat the person, not just the condition. This is achievable through education and exercises to help you achieve your goals.”