Sciatica: A Pain In Your BUTT!

Have you noticed a deep, dull ache in your buttocks? Does it start from lower back, travels down the middle of the butt cheek and into the back of your thigh, down to your leg? You might have Sciatica!

Sciatica is the medical term used to describe pain down the leg, but it does not tell you where it is coming from. Sometimes the cause of Sciatica is from a nerve being irritated in your lower back or from deep below the glut muscles.

The pain can be described as deep and achy in nature or sharp and shooting. The kind of pain and the intensity of it will vary, depending on what you are doing or how you are moving. Normally, sitting for long periods creates pressure on the glut area and it becomes uncomfortable. However, trying to stand up to start moving will be challenging because of the pain. After a few steps though, you might find that the pain becomes less intense, and it is easier to move. You may find that changing positions brings the most relief, but sitting, standing, or even lying down for too long seems to make it feel worse.

If you experience more of a sharp, electric, or shooting pain, the nerve is severely irritated. You will find that it is so difficult to find a comfortable position at all. You may find that your mobility is greatly affected, and the pain is so intense, that it may wake you up at night.

Sometimes, anti-inflammatories, pain killers, heat pads or massage might be able to help with your symptoms. However, they may only provide temporary relief, since they just focus on helping to treat the symptoms, rather than the cause of the problem.

Chiropractic focuses on finding the exact cause of the nerve irritation, which causes pain. By treating the cause of the problem, the positive results could be indefinite, with long term relief.

Not sure if Chiropractic can help you? Come in for a FREE posture analysis check.

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